Must see

Visit the Zlín Zoo and you won’t be sorry!

It is opened 365 days per year and it belongs among the most popular zoological gardens in the Czech Republic. Featuring extensive natural exhibition with flowing creeks and waterfalls, walk through exhibit and aviary, Chateau Lešna and beautiful park and animals offer an unforgettable experience and day-long fun and games for the whole family.

Highlights you can´t miss: 

The Bay of the Rays
Unparalleled in Europe in terms of concept and area, this exhibit gives you the chance of petting sting rays and even feeding them with the shrimps!


Yucatan Tropical Hall
The lush forest of tropical America with primates, giant otters, sloths, toucans, piranhas ranging inside. A showcase of Maya civilisation as an extra piece.


Kiwi and kea exhibit
Zlín Zoo is the first and the only one zoo in the Czech Republic that breeds kiwi.


Taste the tropics of south-east Asia with Malayan tapirs and rare-to-see silvery gibbons.


Geladas, hyenas, meerkats, kudus. Vultures, marabous and Yellow-billed storks. You can also visit a native Konso tribe village and taste the real Ethiopian coffee in Kefa Bar.


Become enchanted by the largest Japanese garden in the Czech Republic whether you admire the centuries-old pine trees, Kasuga stone lamps or the Tsukubai washbasin.


Walk-through exhibits
Enter the kingdom of kangaroos, vultures, parrots, Asian and South American wading birds.


Lešná Chateau
Enjoy one of the most romantic chateau of the Czech Republic. The historical tour through 11 rooms and chambers takes 45 minutes to walk.


Four great restaurants, Kiwi Pizza, Kookabura Cafe Bar, Kefa Bar, Chocolateria.