In addition to state-of-the-art animal houses and large natural exhibit, the zoo in Zlín boasts a splendid botanical collection with over 1,100 species of plants and herbs growing throughout the grounds.

There are also a few European zoos where you find such a distinctive combination of animal displays and horticulture. Through relevant choices of plants we are trying to demonstrate a habitat of that region and highlight the design of the exhibit. Gradually, attractive places of botanical interest are also being set up to help create, along with a variety of original ethnographic elements, the atmosphere of the continent.

Japanese garden Mu-Shin

Year opened: 2013

Another piece in the mosaic of exotic places that you can relish at Zlín Zoo. Set up on an area of nearly a thousand square metres next to the Malayan tapir exhibit, three specimens of Japanese white pine are the landmark for this site. Imported directly from Japan, all of them reach the age of about one hundred years. There are only a few trees similar to these in this country. Typical of a Japanese garden - including Mu-Shin - is modesty, neatness and cleanliness. Although the number of tree species planted here count just over 20, all the plants demonstrate careful efforts of horticulturists whose intention is creating soothing, rounded shapes. As important as the greenery is the vast amount of stones of all sizes and shapes, as well as several large kasuga lanterns. Combined with the plants, they evoke the impression of a dry stone mountain garden.

Actually, can you guess what is behind the name? Literally, "Mu-Shin" translates as "no thoughts" or "beyond one's mind". We would be happy if such places permit the visitor forget the worries of everyday life, be able to relax and, last but not least, even recharge energy.

Plants of the dinosaur era

Year openede: 2010

Taking you into the faraway world of the Mesozoic era, the period about 200 to 150 million years ago, this exhibit is surrounded by diverse conifers, many of which belonging to the most ancient types of plants in terms of evolution, such as redwood, dawn redwood, baldcypress, Sciadopitys, araucaria, ginkgo, and others. Many  species is literally a living fossil, and has the remembrance of the dinosaurs era.

Kids also find an archaeological site in this area for them to "discover" the remains of dinosaurs. The educational trail is complete with models of the large lizards so you can study the skull and bones of Allosaurus, Styracosaurus, Brachiosaurus or Parasaurolophus.

In addition to that, we have placed giant models of dinosaur eggs near the archaeological site for you to take a picture of your kid as they hide in it.

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