What can you discover?


Red sand reflecting "the red heart of Australia", faithful replicas of termite mounds, Aboriginal paintings on buildings and animal houses, deep tones of didgeridoo floating in the air ...

Within a moment, you are moved from Central Europe up to the mysterious continent down under, far far away.

Kiwi and kea

Year opened: 2017

In July 2017, we opened a new enclosure for kiwi and keas in Australian part. Zlín Zoo is the first and the only one zoo in the Czech Republic that breeds kiwi. These birds are famous for its twilight or nocturnal activity. But Gery, the kiwi male, surprised our zookeepers. It is far more active during the morning therefore we provided special morning tours for the visitors.

The path of Emus

Year opened: 2003

This special walk-through exhibit offers encountering the red-necked wallaby, the emu and the Cape Barren goose literally at your fingertips. Creatures typical of the Australian fauna, they share a single large enclosure featuring a sand substrate of familiar red colour to help make the animals feel like being "at home" in that it truly mimics "the red heart of Australia". As the wallaby group grows year by year with a number of chicks being produced, there is always a lot to see and enjoy. If you note any white individuals among the additions, stay assured they are true albinos. They are produced quite routinely.

The spacious display is complete with 100% replicas of termite mounds, plus there are Aborigin motifs decorating the wallaby indoor quarters.

New Guinea singing dogs

Year opened: 2010

This is the only place to see this canine across continental Europe. Amongst the world's rarest species, they became known to science only in the 1950s. Of the series of the creature's unique traits, one embodied in their English name is the most typical of this carnivore. Indeed, their vocal expression is reminiscent of singing.

The extensive enclosure introduces to you the male Sepík and the female Bismarck.


Year of opening: 2020


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