Near the Chateau

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Near the Chateau

Hundred-years old giant trees, paths covered with sand, bubbling fountains and a chateau as if from a fairy tale - this is the setting for The Bay of the Rays, penguin exhibit or bird aviary.

The Bay of the Rays

Year opened: 2014

A generous construction project, this exhibit became a home of Oman cownose rays – a marine ray species. In many respects, it is a unique display, unexampled in the Central European region since this species is bound to seawater - a setting that is very complex in terms of water preparation and maintenance technology. Visitors can watch and even feed the rays as they range in a large pool. In addition to extending over 70 square metres and the average water depth being about a metre, the volume of the entire aquatic system will be exceeeding 100,000 litres. From a different aspect, the concept of the building will allow the visitor a face-to-face contact with these members of cartilaginous fish.

Humboldt penguins

Year opened: 1998

Two interconnected pools, natural design and a structured area - all of this provides these thermophilous penguins ideal standards.

A considerable portion of the perimeter walls of this exhibit is formed of large stones with cavities and fissures of all types created among them. This was creators' intention since this species of penguins is found in the wild live in warm areas on the coast of Chile and Peru, so during the breeding season they must seek shelter from direct sunlight. The upper pool is the deepest reservoir across the zoo and is where the penguins spend most of their time. The lower glass-enclosed pool then allows you to watch the birds as they range under water. 


Alligator mississippiensis

Year of opening: 2019

Alligators mississippiensis have been part of the Zlín Zoo since the year 2002. Currently, we are proud to own a collection of 5 of those majestic reptiles, 4 females and 1 male. Alligators used to inhabit the terrariums which could have been found in the basement of the Zlín Chateau, those however, were not able to fulfill the zookeeping needs anymore. Thus, in 2018, our Zoo prepared a new area equipped with a capacious swimming pool and a sand beach. This spacious greenhouse is situated in the zookeeping facilities, where we are trying to create the best possible conditions for the animals to breed. With the passage of time, however, it became apparent that our visitors, and to our surprise mainly children, missed  the presence of the alligators in our zoo. For this reason, we decided to combine the restoration of the Chateau fountain with the creation of a new summer exposition for our alligators.

As a part of the whole renewal process, 6 water tanks with the total capacity of 60m3 (cubic meters) were built into the ground. The rainwater from the roof of the Chateau is directed into the tanks and later used for the operation of the whole exposition, as well as for watering.

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