In 2009, we joined a project of Bulgarian and Spanish conservationists of Green Balkans. Aiming at releasing griffon vultures into mountain areas in Bulgaria that are preserved very well, the activity saw us delivering three young vultures reared in Zlín (one at a time) to our colleagues. With acclimatisation and the act of release of all the birds going very well, now there are nine more vultures, originating from Lešná, to range the sky over the high mountains of the Balkans in addition to the other birds.

And it is really awesome that our vulture has already reproduced in the wild. The female that we handed over to Bulgarian environmentalists made a couple with a male from Spain and in March 2017, it laid first egg.

In 2015 and 2018 two Egyptian vultures were added to the above and launched into the wild - in 2015 in southern Italy and in 2018 in Bulgaria as part of a reintroduction scheme.