Rules for Visitors

Please note that:

  • by purchasing the ticket and entering the zoo grounds, you agree to the Visitor Regulations and undertake to comply with them
  • by entering the zoo grounds you give your explicit consent to making use of photographs, videos or movies featuring your own person and taken during your presence in the zoo grounds at the discretion of the zoo, without any your entitlement to compensation and without time or space constraints
  • children under 10 are allowed to enter the zoo only if accompanied by a person over 18 years
  • entering walk-through exhibits is at your own risk
  • smoking forbidden in the whole zoo except from the smoking areas.

You are not allowed to:

  • take/carry a dog or other animals into the zoo grounds
  • enter with a bicycle, scooter, tricycle and ride toys (please use the secure parking area for bicycles near the main entrance)
  • use skateboards and roller skates in the zoo grounds
  • use tape recorders and other multimedia devices intended to produce a loud production, musical instruments, audible signaling devices and similar items, as well as wear/use pyrotechnics
  • feed animals, except where allowed using vending machines, disturb or interfere with the creatures, and throw any objects into enclosures
  • tear and destroy vegetation in & pollute the zoo grounds
  • enter beyond fences, climb over fences and barriers, climb trees, access the zoo beyond the visitor route or access other areas behind the scenes
  • destroy the property of the zoo or other persons; when damaging any zoo's property/equipment, you are liable for damages.

Visitors are required to:

  • purchase a ticket when entering the zoo, keeping it available for inspection throughout the visit
  • ensure the safety of your children; a full-aged supervisory person, such as parents, accompanying person or teacher, shall be liable for children's behaviour
  • observe the opening hours of the zoo, noting any changes during the year
  • obey instructions of a member of the zoo security staff, who shall be entitled to refuse to admit or expel from the site drunken persons, those disrupting the smoothness of operations and security in the zoo grounds, or a person without a valid ticket
  • follow instructions shown on information/do-not boards and signs and regulations that apply to various activities in the zoo grounds (e.g. zoo train, operational regulations on children playgrounds and the rope centre, pony rides, etc.), while keeping to directions of zoo staff members
  • notify staff members of the zoo of violating Visitor Regulations or any situation threatening the safety of visitors or animals; if there is injury, report this fact to security staff member found at the main gate, mbt: 00420 770 136 063, and wait for further steps, medical assistance and making a record of personal injury
  • read and understand these Visitor Regulations and comply with them; failure to do shall result in the zoo being not liable for bodily injury or damage to property of visitors incurred in connection with violation of visiting regulation.