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African elephants and the project “Karibuni” – this represents the future of Zlín Zoo. 

What will Karibuni be?

Karibuni, the most extensive project of Zlín’s Zoo history, will be created in next year on area of 20 hectares and will present the area of Central and West Africa. But the conception of enclosures is going to be completely different than it is in regular zoos. Karibuni will belong especially to animals. Even though the visitor will not be able to walk among the enclosures, we will offer them experience of a ride in a boat, in a safari truck or of a sleep over in African camp. The main dominant feature will be the African elephants breeding house. This area will also become a new home for other representatives of African fauna such as chimpanzees, carnivorans, African ungulates and probably even hippopotamus.

The main priority of Karibuni is a new modern and spacious African Elephant House which will occupy one third of the whole area. In June 2018 we finished the first of two stages of the elephant enclosure – enclosure B. Now in spring 2019 we are going to build the Elephant House. If everything goes well, we except to finish the new breeding centre for elephants in 2021.


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