Zlín Zoo is the most visited tourist destination in Moravia. Every year we welcome more than 600 000 visitors, making us the second-most visited zoo of the Czech Republic's 15 zoos.

Zlin Zoo in Brief

Year opened:    1948

Total area:        74 ha     
Display area:    50 ha  

Number of animals:        226 species
The hightest visit rate:   2019 - 682 624 people




General information

Company registration number: 00090026

VAT ID: CZ 00090026

The organisation is registered as per its Founding Charter, reg. no. 1539510091, issued by the Statutory City of Zlín on 29 June 2001.

The license to operate the zoo, under Act No. 162/2003 Coll., on Zoological Gardens, was issued by the Department for International Protection of Biodiversity at the Ministry for the Environment of the Czech Republic for an indefinite period, with 2 October 2004 being the date of entry put into force.

Founder:                                           Statutory City of Zlín

Founder's registered address:     nám. Míru 12, 761 40 Zlín, Czech Republic

Chief Executive Officer:                 Roman Horský